When you are selecting an agent to represent you it is critical to know what their other clients have had to say about them.  Here are some of the comments my clients have made about my services...


“Nancy is adept at reading her clients and understanding their needs and wants. Throughout the year it to us to find the right house, she worked with us patiently and persistently. When we found the house we wanted, she displayed her negotiation skills and got us the deal we wanted. I’m a product manager in a high tech company and I can say that Nancy approaches each deal like we do a project. She sets milestones and timelines, manages all the parties to stay on track, and effectively brings the deal to a conclusion without any hitches. Preparing our former home for was a breeze with Nancy. She has excellent contacts with area contractors, plumbers, electricians, and painters, making it extraordinarily easy to prepare our house for sale. Lastly, she is family oriented and displayed a genuine interest in our family. The entire process from buying a new home to selling our old home and moving went very smoothly.” H. Armer
“We worked with Nancy for several months to both sell our house and purchase a new home. We found her to be very knowledgeable about the housing market in the Bay Area. We had never sold a house previously, and Nancy walked us through the entire process and made sure we were comfortable with each step. She was available any time for questions, and went above and beyond with scheduling contractors and overseeing their work as we prepared our house for sale. We always felt we were in good hands and could rely on her for good advice. Nancy took the time to really understand what we were looking for in a new home, and helped narrow down which houses to look at seriously, saving us a lot of time over the several months we searched. We love our new home, and would recommend Nancy to anyone buying or selling a home in the Bay Area.” S. Edgington
“I know things would not have worked out as well as they did if you were not my agent. You were clearly on top of everything throughout the whole process. What really impressed me though, were the things you did that were way beyond the normal expectations of a real estate agent. You were able to find out about a property before it came on the market and talk to the agent before the listing was available for other buyers. You had a rapport with the other agent, and you identified what I think was a perfect price point on our final offer to win the property in the first week of its listing against 6 competing offers. This was in spite of our offer being lower than the highest competitor. A major part of winning that offer was your reputation and the respect you had from the other agent, who knew the sale would go smoothly with your oversight. It simply would not have happened with another agent. Thank you so much for your excellent support.” D. Lambertson
“My wife and I worked with Nancy when we bought our first home. She was invaluable throughout the process and even after the sale had closed. It took us a couple of years of on-again, off-again searching to find the home we wanted, and Nancy was with us the whole way. Her patience in working with us for such a long search is remarkable in itself. Add to that her tremendous knowledge of the market and her extreme devotion, diligence, and conscientiousness in making sure that nothing was overlooked. All in all she was incredibly hard-working and committed to our best interest, and I don’t think you can ask for anything more from an agent.” M. Pilloff
“Nancy was instrumental in me and my wife getting our dream home. She was the consummate professional during each stage of home buying – when we were just treading water she was patient; when we got serious she understood our requirements, when we were seeing homes she helped us see things that were not obvious – and guided us away from properties with issues. When we zeroed in on THE home she helped evaluate it thoroughly; and when it came to the final stages of offering and securing the home she simply excelled. I am not a first time home buyer – I will say I learned several important aspects of not just home buying, but keeping my home in top condition from our interactions.” S. Suresh
“She never, ever pressured us to buy a home. That was quite a surprise because I expected Realtors would want to close a deal ASAP, but she wasn’t like that at all. She was always up to our pace. Our house needed repairs, but we wanted it so badly we accepted it in as-is condition. She got her commission, and technically, she is not obligated to provide her time and service to us anymore, but here is when you see her genuine interest and passion for what she does. She is still in touch with me, gives me her advice, and joins me when I need her wisdom in dealing with contractors. She is working above and beyond our expectations, and her service never ends. I am not sure how many agents can offer that to their clients.” Nassim Farrokhzad
“Being a first-time home buyer, Nancy patiently guided us through the complex steps of purchasing a home. After months of searching for a house, we found one that fit our lifestyle, location, and price range. Like many desirable homes in the Bay Area, another buyer was also interested in this house. Nancy helped us in assessing and putting together the most attractive offer, and the sellers accepted it. I had to travel during the contingency period, but Nancy was able to provide accurate updates about the inspections while I was abroad and worked with my family during the contingency period. She was able to help us understand the condition of the home. Even after close of escrow Nancy was able to recommend general contractors and other service providers we needed to fix up the house. We are very happy with the service Nancy provided. She is detail-oriented, patient, and very knowledgeable. We definitely recommend Nancy.” L. Lin
“Nancy put in a lot of time to help us, from scouting out homes she thought we would like or that we expressed interest in, to making videos of properties she thought would appeal to us, to tracking down information from city governments on zoning and future nearby developments. She stops on a dime to help – day or night, every day of the week, and returns all emails that day (usually within a few hours), even ones that are “full” of questions. She gives really good advice on houses and neighborhoods, and you really feel like she gives you her honest opinion, when other brokers could easily steer you towards bidding on an inferior property just to make a sale. Nancy is one of those rare breeds – a consummate professional as well as someone who really cares about her clients.” K. Mikulis
“My boyfriend and I were first-time home buyers. We looked around for months and worked with another agent, but were not having much luck navigating the south bay/peninsula real estate market. The day I met Nancy everything turned around and we were in our fabulous new home within 2 months. She is one of the most professional, responsible, competent people I have ever worked with in any capacity. She followed through on every detail of the process quickly, and we always felt confident because we knew we had her on our side. In addition, she is an extremely caring person which made her even more of a joy to work with.” C. Herrera
“Nancy brings four concrete attributes to a real estate transaction – expertise, strategy, responsiveness, and network. She has encyclopedic knowledge of the streets, schools, and other intangibles. In the current market, both as a buyer and a seller, you need to have a strategy in place. When our offer was being negotiated she saved us thousands of dollars by keeping our bidding rational rather than emotional. She is very good at visualizing a home’s potential. She is also in tune with new technologies, and made sure that tedious paperwork was the least of our focus during the stressful time of buying a home. Having worked in this business for years, Nancy comes with a huge network of contractors, mortgage agents, landscapers, inspectors, and other contractors. We have not been disappointed with any of her contacts. But, there are certain things that you do NOT get with Nancy. She does not discount her price by representing both the seller and buyer. She does not offer arbitrary discounts which people have come to expect in this tough market. She will not do anything unethical. In our experience, Nancy’s bidding strategy alone made up for any discounts that we might have obtained from other real estate agents. We will surely be working with Nancy in our future real estate transactions.” R. Singh
“It was difficult to find an agent willing to work with first-time buyers, especially since we are younger and were completely inexperienced. Nancy, however, was well worth the wait. She was extremely competent and is very detail-oriented, she was also extremely easy to work with and was willing to accommodate both o f our crazy work schedules. She tirelessly took us to visit homes and was patient and helpful with all our questions throughout the process. She was also quick to return calls and emails, and made sure to keep us on track with deadlines. We are extremely happy with the house we bought and with our experience with Nancy.” J. Kubo
"Nancy was referred to me by a friend who has been working with her for years. Nancy was an extraordinary partner in the sale of my home in Los Altos. She worked tirelessly on my behalf and demonstrated the utmost in integrity throughout the process. I'd recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone wishing to sell their home." J. Rizzo
“In our experience, what sets Nancy apart is her unique combination of analytic skills together with her unwavering commitment to helping find the house that was exactly right for us. Her dedication and professionalism toward achieving this objective was unprecedented from all of our prior real estate transactions with other realtors.” J. Siegel
“Nancy helped us sell a home in Danville and buy a home in Los Altos. When we found the home we wanted, she went to great lengths to ensure that our offer would be selected from the multiple offers the sellers were considering. Thanks to Nancy we also sold our existing home quickly with multiple offers. She is incredibly customer-focused, and will do everything in her power to ensure that the buying and selling experience is excellent.” D. Tomasco
“Nancy was able to find exactly what I was looking for in terms of location and price. Due to my busy work schedule this made the buying experience much less stressful. She is very professional, has an eye for detail, and I completely trusted her ability to help me with my search. She is simply the best realtor I have worked with and should the opportunity arise I will be using her services in the future.” N. Nandra
“We are so glad that we asked you to help with our home purchase. It is not only because you know the market so well and can always give good advice. You are always striving to help and acting with honesty and integrity that are so rare. For instance, you raised concerns regarding improper shower installation in the home we wanted despite all the complications and extra work that addressing these issues would inevitably create for you. You helped enormously in our interactions with the lender and other organizations involved in this transaction – interactions that did not always go smoothly. You did everything to help us and protect our interests. We would not have been able to overcome the unexpected problems with this transaction without your diligence and determination.” M.  Abramson
“Nancy recently helped us buy our very first house. She is great! She was very patient while we figured out what we wanted, never tried to sell us on a house we didn’t like, and in the end helped us to find a great home. When the time came to make a bid, Nancy’s negotiating skills and understanding of the market helped us beat out several other bidders. She gave us great advice during the competitive bidding process, and we couldn’t have landed our house without her help. Her assistance has also been invaluable in dealing with contractors and other on home remodeling projects. We enthusiastically recommend Nancy to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.” C. Mitchell
“Short sales are terrible, a nightmare for buyers and realtors. You need a really good agent to close such a deal. Nancy was the one. She first told us when we met that she would work hard for us…and she did beyond all our expectations. We closed the deal on our house on the very last day, against all odds. At every stage of home buying she was there, any time, any place. She will most definitely be our realtor for any future home sale and purchase. J. Chaveaux
“If I had one word to describe Nancy’s work on our behalf, it would be “masterly”. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, Nancy handled the numerous moving parts of the home buying process with aplomb. From preparing a strong offer in a short window of time to moving the transaction forward towards a quick close, we could trust Nancy to be on top of everything. If she weren’t a Realtor, she’d make a great project manager someplace else! Her experienced eye and knowledge of the local market helped us refine our requirements for a home, while her excellent counsel was invaluable in putting together an offer on a great home.” K. Leong
“My husband and I were so excited to fulfill our many-year goal of buying a house. We love our home, and I can say without a doubt that we would not have been able to buy this house without Nancy. We are forever grateful to the friend that recommended her. We know that we will be using Nancy again when it comes time to sell. She is fabulous!” R. Rein
“I want to express my appreciation for all the hard work you did towards the sale of my parents’ home in Los Altos. After interviewing realtors in the area, I don't think I could have made a better choice. Your experience, professional expertise, and understanding the nature of this sale was more than I could have expected. Your approach and strategy was perfect! ” J. Milner

"Nancy's understanding of the business allowed us to be competitive in a market that was rapidly leaving us behind. We feel very strongly that if it were not for her, we would not be homeowners today." R. Sloan 
“We were very impressed with Nancy as our agent in the purchase of our condo. In the past 20 years, we have been involved with about 20 transactions related to selling or buying a home, so we've worked with a lot of RE agents. We think she is one of the top agents we've worked with.” J. Lima
“Nancy has been my Realtor since 2004. She helped me buy and sell my first home. It is now day three since moving into the second home Nancy helped me acquire. I wouldn’t dream of making such an important life investment without Nancy. This is why: I trust her to anticipate my needs and steer me in the right direction; she follows through in detail in a timely manner; she maintains the highest professional and ethical standards in order to ensure trust and credibility to all involved in the transaction, she is honest and will tell you what she would do in a given situation, she is friendly and courteous to all, she is extremely patient, she listens.   It felt as though Nancy never left my side. She was always there when I needed her. One of the many examples is when she came to my home to help me draw up an offer and stayed five hours pouring over the HOA documents. She ensured that ALL of my concerns were addressed. And then, even after signing the paperwork, she gave me an opportunity to back out just to ensure that I was making the right decision. I did make the right decision, our home is beautiful.  And I know we would not be here today feeling this way if it were not for Nancy.” D. Blitz.